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Note : If you are using the beta version 3.0.x of the extension, check this "Getting Started" guide.

Joomla! Intranet Attendance Track extension helps small and medium sized teams to automate Attendance Tracking, Leave Tracking, Official Holiday Calendar, Over Time Tracking , Pay Slip Generation. In this page you can find resources on how to install and configure the Attendance Tracker extension.

Install/Upgrade Intranet Attendance Track Extension

Once you subscribe for this extension, you will be able to download the latest version from the same page.

For Installing or Upgrading, log in to your Joomla sites administrating console. (http://www.sitename.com/administrator). Navigate to Extension->Extension Manager. Click the "Choose File" button inside "Upload Package File" section. Select the downloaded extension archive file and clikc "Upload and Install". This will install or upgrade if the extension has been previously installed.

To verify whether the extension installed properly and go to the Intranet Attendance Tracker settings page navigate to Component -> Attendance Track The following page should load.


The current version of the extension 2.6.0 allows ability to enable disable modules (Calendar, Attendance, Leave and Pay slip) as per the requirement. In addition attendance can be tracked for different groups.

Calendar :

By checking or un-checking the calendar page can be enabled or disabled in the front end. Mark the days of Weekly off, so that the calendar will be updated with weekly off days for all weeks

Attendance and Leave Settings :

Enable Attendance Module: Check this to show the attendance option in front end

Select Your Time Zone: This setting will be used for all date/time calculation in variable of the end user's time zone

Regular Timings: The Start Time, End Time setting provided here will be used as default check-in and check-out times while the Attendance Owners log group attendance

Attendance Approving Group: The users belonging to this group will be the ones who are authorized to approve attendance and leaves. They can also take attendance for their groups. This group needs to be created in Joomla Groups page. They will be equivalent of Teachers, Managers or Instructors.

Attendance Enabled Group: These are the different groups for which attendance will be tracked. This group needs to be created in Joomla Groups page. For each group an approver needs to be assigned. For a small business the groups may be like, Employees, Contractors etc. For a vocational training institute it may be like, Batch 1, Batch 2 etc.

Enable Leave Module:By checking this Leave Module can be shown in the front end

Leave Type:Comma separated values of applicable leave types.

The following diagram illustrates the steps for configuring the attendance/leave track flow

Step 1:First create the groups for which attendance needs to be tracked and create the group which will have authority to take attendance, approve user edited attendance and approve user leave requests.

Step 2:Create the users in Joomla and assign them to the appropriate groups created in the previous step

Step 3:In the Intranet Attendance Track settings page, update the Attendance Approving Group and then save the settings

Step 4:In the Intranet Attendance Track settings page, add the groups for which attendance need to be tracked and assign a default approving user for each group and save the settings

Payslip Settings :

Display Payslip: Check this to show the Pay Slip option in front end

Track Over Time?: If over time needs to be tracked, check this and also set whether it needs to be tracked by Daily or Weekly or Monthly. And the regular hours. The regular hours will be some thing like 8:00:00 for daily, 40:00:00 for weekly and 160:00:00 will be for monthly. Any hours more than the regular hours will be considered as over time

Front End : Employee Use Cases

Check In/Check Out: Users once logged in can "Check In" and "Check Out" to register their attendance. A user can check-in and check-out multiple times in a day. The total time will be calculated by summing all the log times.

Calendar View: This is the default view and shows the weekly offs, official holidays are any other events created by Administrator

View Attendance (Daily,Weekly,Monthly): User can view his or her attendance for a given day or for a given week or for a given month. The weekly and monthly views also show a summary of leaves, absensce and total hours worked and over time hours worked

Edit Attendance: In cases where a user wants to edit the attendance, from the weekly attendance view user can edit attendance logs. When a user edits attendance, it will be put in pending state and his/her groups Attendance Approver is notified about the edit. The Attendance Approver needs to approve the changes for them to take effect. Similarly, if an edited attendance is rejected by the manager, the time will not be counted towards hours calculations. For easy identification pending attendance are shown in orange and rejected attendance lines are shown in red color.

Leave Requests: User can raise leave requests from the leaves page and track whether a leave is approved or rejected.

Front End : Manager Use Cases

View Team Member Attendance: A manager can see any team members weekly or monthly attendance

Edit Team Member's Attendance: A manager can edit any team members attendance from the weekly attendance view. Such edits will be marked as approved and the user will be notified via email

Approve/Reject Team Members' Attendance:From this view manager can simply approve or reject attendance or his team members in bulk

Log/Edit Group's Attendance for any Date:This view allows managers to quickly log attendance for all members in a group for a given date

Approve/reject leave requests:This view allows managers to approve or reject leave requests one by one or in bulk