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All Thagatpam Tech extensions for Joomla are released under the GNU GPL v3 license. You can read the license in full here http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html.

Common Questions

Do I need to purchase for multiple uses? - No, you are allowed to use the extension on any of your own projects. For premium extensions, download access will be cut off after the allowed time, and to resume access it must be purchased again.

What support do I get? - For premium extensions, you are able to use our support system for bugs and help setting it up. We don't provide support for our free extensions, outside of bugfixes. Our forum exists for any customization discussions or general 'how to' questions, but we don't provide our premium support through it.

How long can I download my extension? - For free extensions, they are always available unless we discontinue them. For premium extensions, currently you have 1 year from your purchase date to download the extension.

What if I need an extra feature? - We realize that many times an extension does 90% of what you need, and cannot do the last 10%. We are more than happy to hear your suggestions, and many of those ideas are adopted into our extensions. However, if you need any customization please send as proposal .

What version of Joomla do I need? - Joomla compatibility may be seen listed in the details of each extension.

GPL Related Information

Why GPL? - The GPL license is what Joomla uses, and Joomla highly encourages all extensions to be licensed under the same license. So we have licensed our extensions comply with the license requirements. It is also a license to help protect user rights, and to protect our copyright.

Can I modify the code? - The GPL is meant to protect the rights of the end user (you) in order to give you full access to the source code and the right to make modifications. While we don't recommend doing this unless you are skilled in programming, you have this right. You cannot remove any copyright notices or change the license however.