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Currently, there is no easy way for consumers intending to buy any product at physical stores to check which retailer offers the best price or deal for a product. They will have to visit each retail shop physically to check the best price. "Deals Catalog" extension for Joomla helps retailers and entrepreneurs to address this need.This component is designed to help consumers who look for best prices and deals offered by merchants in their locality for the products they want to buy. A deals portal created based on the Deals Catalog extension will help users to identify the best deal easily. It will also help merchants by exposing their products to large number of consumers.

Installation of Deal Catalog Component and modules

Download the extension from the link. You may have to register for downloading.

This package contains Component and Two modules, unzip the file and install.

In the mysql you have to create a new group for Merchants and Customers in jos_core_acl_aro_groups table giving only name and value as mentioned above with parent_id as Registered id. For Reference Please Visit http://forum.joomla.org/viewtopic.php?f=483&t=257885.

Then install the component and modules in Extension->install/uninstall in joomla administrator.

Module is based on the component on loading the data in the back end, so that categories can be viewed in the front-end.

Create a joomla login module with the position named as customerlogin

For Merchant view, create a url menu like index.php?option=com_dealcatalog&task=merchantdefault


This contain the modules and component. Both Merchant and Customers can access through front-end. For Customers can compare two products, get the coupon code for the products. For Merchant he can add products listings and deals for thier products and view the customers coupon code, etc..

Front-End use for Customers

The front-end is completly devoted to end-user. In the front-end it is possible to search the particular category search with product name, view all products based on the category using the modules, looking at the price, discount price, deal price and expressing your interest in product for deal by getting coupon code via email, the home page for customers as follows

category search with product name

A particular products can be search ed by using one of the dedicated category search with product name available component. Once component is installed and product category is added on the component and published(Just do it in backend)

Products based on categories

Based on the category name all products of that are displayed. This is the horizontal category name module, on adding the category on the component in the backend

Product View

The search is carried out by component search modules by category search with product name, which produces a summary list of particular products name based on category like that show in the following image.

The search is carried out by component search modules by horizontal category name module, which produces a summary list of all products name based on category like that show in the following image.

Only the product information are shown. By clicking on the Learn more, all the information and if the product has the coupon code will be shown below. (see the following image)

From the ProductListing, category search, the products are listed from which we can compare two products and customers can view the specification of both products and choose the product based on the price the image as follows

Front-End use for Merchants

In the front-end the merchant can add products, categories, manufacturer of that product, deals price for that products, or for products he can use the exiting products for thier deals and discount price for that. we can also edit the product deal price, price for his products

For the menu products, the merchant can view the exiting products for his product listing and deals for customers as follows

or he can add the new product for his customers as follows

For the Add products listing and deal, merchant can add the price, discount price, deal price, date for products and deals and add his images and description for product if needed, the image as follows

For the menu Products usage, display the list of his products listing and deals for his customers as follows,

there he can edit his product listing and deals of prices, etc.. as follows